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Outdoor light automations

This is so far in planning, but i have a few ways of solving this in mind, some more elegant.

Long distance/big area
Powered net (230v or 12/24v)
Motion triggers

Rough layout in my mind;

 G01           G02           G03           G04

[L11-L12-L13] [L21-L22-L23] [L31-L32-L33] [L41-L42-L43]
M01 M02 M03 M04

G = GroupID
L = LightID
M = MotionTriggerID
Night = 0n/off
GIDTrigger = on/off
Timer = X min lit

Hardwired to all group center lights with common on/off switch.
Hardwired to group lights 1 & 3 to common on/off swtich triggered by motion detection to light upp larger area.
Set1 can be controlled via zwave/zigbee if possible, other mechanical timers also work.

Hardwired to all group center lights with common on/off switch.
Hardwired individual group lights 1&3 to common on/off switch to it’s individual motion trigger.
Set2 could also be controlled by zwave/zigbee if possible, other mechanical timer & wired motiondetectors.

Set3; The extreme elegant way
Each group get an auto for on/off.
Each light get an automation for on/off.

Each center light goes into “scene” for garden lights.
Each groups light 1&3 get into “scene” for garden motion light.
Each group-motion sensor controls it’s groups lights.

Set3; Can get expensive, but with more control, more dynamic.

Things to think about;
Garden lights generally dont move around much. Powered nets do work, but can be cumbersom to make changes to.
zwave/zigbee cost about 3-5 times more then normal hardwired, but you can mostly get by with installing them oneself.
Hardwired usually requires electricians for major changes.

My biggest concern as to set3, is that devices could saturate any controller quickly.

Set2, could get by with alot less devices yet have them controlled by a controller.

Then there is the matter of finding outdoor rated lights/sensors even if inside enclosures.

Thoughts ideas?

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