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Outdoor weather sensor

I am looking to find a sensor for outdoor use that will report things such as temp, humidity etc. The sensor itself should be pretty small as space are very limited. Any suggestions on where to start looking? Protocol is of lesser importance, but z-wave s2 is of course highly interesting.

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I’m also interested! I have less limited space thou, but small is always nice as long as it doesn’t come as a tradeoff of something else. Popp Z- weather is an option for me, if it works well with the :animusheart: But I suppose it’s on the bigger side?

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I’m also looking for a temp sensor. I have not found any Z-wave device that manage temperature in range -30 to 40. I have 3 Oregon THGR810, but Animus don’t have support for them. One of them I have used to report temperature to the “temperatur.nu” for 5 years.

I think they are best temperature sensor that I have found. (accurate).
And I don’t think you need a Z-wave device to measure the temperature, a 433 device like the THGR810 is working very well, it should only send data.

I don’t know if the “Sensative strips” is something that you can use.
I had one for my automover in the garden. To trigger when it was out and back again. But it only last for 2 years and then the battery was drained.

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Thanks! So what Animus needs is support for the “Oregon THGR810” sensors. I duly like the part of it being accurate. Many weather pages/services are not these days. :+1:

I have sent a change request to support the “Oregon Scientific” sensors. I have one Telldus sensor working, but it always shows 20% humidity :slight_smile:

Try to move it closer to the heart, just to check the function.

It shows 20% on the sensor it self, it has a display. My point was that the Telldus sensor not have the same quality as the Oregon Scientific sensors. I have 4 of the Oregon Scientific sensors and hope the Animus will support them.

I haven’t find any sensors other than 433MHz sensors that can mesaure down to -30 celcius.

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I answer my self on the last question :slight_smile: I have a Netatmo outdoor sensor, that I’m thinking about to fetch the temperature from. But I don’t have the time right now to do the programming.

Yep, I have a tellus temp/hygro meter as well but it has a really poor antenna with the result that if I move it further away than like 5 cm from the heart it doesn’t report values. :roll_eyes: but i have also heard people that have REALLY good reception in theirs. So it’s a big gap down on device-level between them.

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I am using the telldus and are seeing the problem with sporadic updates of temperature about one or two times a day. And the thermometer is in line of sight from the animus. About 4m.

Does anyone of you know of an outdoor thermometer that’s compatible with the animus and that gives updates at least once an hour?

It is an issue with Animus. If you use the terminal and command rf433 / rxconf and set bandwidth to 50 kHz ( I use parameters 58 4008 40 8 ) you will get updated temperatures with minutes interval. You need to repeat this every time Animus restart. The wrong bandwidth cause interference between sensors that use different channels.