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Animus Heart?

Philips Hue LED strips

Anyone here who has a Philips HUE connected to your :animusheart: ?
Do you also have any RGBW products (eg https://www.netonnet.se/art/smarta-hem/system-varumarke/philipshue/philips-col-hue-lightstrips/223292.14004/) connected to HUE brige ?

How does the device work in :animusheart: GUI? Is there a color wheel or do you have to set the individual number settings for each color?

Today I have a couple of RGB LED strips with their own controllers with remote control. I am considering getting some Gledopto RGB controls (https://www.kjell.com/en/products/smarta-hem/smart-lighting/smarta-lampor-zigbee/gledopto-rgbcct-zigbee-controller-for-led-lists-p51266) which should be compatible with HUE.

Is it worth the money? I must also get a HUE brige :scream:

controls are same as for other lamps;

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Thanks for the answer.

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I väntan på LEDstrips från Kina så införskaffade jag en HUE-brygga och ett par Trådfri glödlampor. Jag parade dock lamporna ned bryggan före jag lade till bryggan i :animusheart: . Fungerar bra, men… Kopplingen till Google Home är inte 100%.

It should work that way.
Forgot the old classic in GH “Sync my devices”?
“Synka mina enheter”?
Edit: Såg ditt andra inlägg nu.