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Phillips Hue Accessories

Phillips Hue Accessories , like Hue motion sensors,Hue Tap Switch, Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue outdoor sensor

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Agree! Didn’t expect that a hype product like this didn’t have basic features like this. Some of the most common sensors available in stores. Really hope something can be done about this.

will accessories be avaible in the ACRE update thats coming? @Vigge


And good night.

This is the case of the Hue accessories… The dev-team is working on an improvement for the Hue-support but something holding up the improvement is actually the Hue bridge API. They don’t support events to be sent to the Heart when someone changes the state through their app or physically through some remote. So to get the sensors and remotes working with the Heart, we need to poll continuously to see if the status has changed or not, this causes a delay in actions which isn’t very user friendly and not a really nice solution. Some platforms choose to go this way anyway, but we don’t think it’s a good enough solution and since Hue have promised to release this improvement in their API this autumn, we have decided to wait for the proper integration.

As soon as Hue releases this support, we will prioritise our Hue Sensor and Remote implementation highest in line.

I understand many have wondered about this, so hopefully this clarifies it a bit.


Bumping this again.

Has Philips released the (needed) updates to the API as promised? And are Animus on-track with implementation of the HUE integration?

I think we can adress this one to dev-cheif @vato :grin:



Unfortunately Philips haven’t announced anything yet, we are still waiting. These are some of the discussions on their forum (registration required, it’s free).

We doubt it’s a technical issue so the question remains if they will ever release this.


Thanks for the update. So if I hear you correctly, Animus will not adopt any HUE accessories unless this gets released from Philips? Despite the fact it may be forever?

I’m using the outdoor motion/lid sensor. I tried to use the HomeKit integration using an iPad as a HomeKit hub and a dummy 433 dummy switch to trigger what I wants The sensor is responsive enough but the iPad as hub is shitty at best, causing the automations to be flaky. Could work for someone with an Apple TV or HomePod if the automations are less flaky there.

With that said, as the iOS device registers the sensor quick enough, could Animus utilise the same solution or does Apple have a sauna relationship with Phillips?

As it seems to be Java in the background, could you create an interface an start with a less the optimal implementation and switch to a better one if the web socket api gets released? Or is there some penalty to the system as a whole I’m not aware of?

Happy to be guinea pig for this if needed.

That’s interesting. If the sensor is sending in real time to Homekit then Philips Hue must support it, so it’s a matter if they want to release it or not to their public API.

@marjohr Homekit does a request everytime you open the device in the app, that’s not the case here right? You get realtime updates without invoking anything on homekit?

We have three choices for integrating sensors from Philips Hue

  1. Implement the realtime API from Philips Hue bridge.
  2. Implement a polling solution on the Heart that will check for sensor value once in a while.
  3. Implement a Zigbee module and bypass the Philips Hue bridge completely.

For us the priority is

  1. Realtime API - Fast release, good result
  2. Zigbee module - Takes time, best result
  3. Polling solution - Fast release, bad result

The Polling solution isn’t optimal and not good enough that we will gain much from it, you don’t wan’t a delay of some seconds when you should react immediately.

A push on Philips Hue to make them release the realtime API is the best approach right now, while we evaluate Zigbee support.

@vato HomeKit could be polling but in that case it does so rather frequently. To test I have the HomeKit app open and open my front door, thus triggering the motion sensor. The sensor in HomeKit is marked as triggered fast, less than a second at least.

Could one solution be to implement an API yourselves and than switch the implementation underneath if Philips gets their shit together? I get its resource intensive to poll every second but for me it could still be worth it. If the user could configure the polling frequency, that could be used to limit the impact. Temperature and Lux is enough to get every x minutes or so but motion needs to be instant.

It sounds that they do send in real time to HomeKit, they can’t be polling within less than a second.

That’s a good solution to configure polling by yourself. We will consider such a solution if we don’t get any response back from Philips within the next month.

@vato They could also be using this functionality available in both ObectiveC and Java SDK: https://developers.meethue.com/develop/tools-and-sdks/hue-sdk-guide-for-java/#using-heartbeat

Together with what they call observers in the Bridge State section, it might be a solution.

After having a closer look at the SDK we have concluded that it uses polling and the observer is called on each heart beat when there are changes. This is no different than the Heart using the Hue REST API, thus it makes it an unfeasible solution.

We will look into our own polling solution for the sensors now. We haven’t seen any indications from Philips Hue that they are working on releasing the Event system.

Thanks for letting us know. It’s a shame they’re not pursuing a strategy of openness.

Any news on this? I have bought both the Ikea gateway and philips hue bridge and their switches in hope that this will be usable in Animus but later realize it does not work. Do I have to buy other switches or will it be solved soon?

The sensors and other devices will not be included in the v2.1.0 that is planned to be released shortly (it is currently being evaluted by beta users).

Sensors and other missing devices will be added in version 3.0 later this fall.


Hi just changed from Homey to Heart an realized that my Zigbee devices will not work…so are you planning to to develop at zigbee protocol? Or should i change back du Homey?

The heart doesn’t have an internal zigbee-chip and rely on the external tradfri or Philips hue gateway and therefor is able to support compatible devices that connect to those natively.