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PIN while local? Really AH?!

Yesterday when coming home late (outdoor lights turned off by automation rules).
Android on 4G with app; Trying remote access tells me “heart not auth with cloud”.
Fine, must have been internetglitch sometime to not have it remote accessable.

I then go Android to local wifi (which heart is on) and try app again.
This time it DEMANDS½½!#% a damn pin for access which is mailed to me, which obviously indicates the heart can communicate with the damn cloud.

My question now is; Can the app be used on the same local wifi without cloud when a heart is local only?

And why would it need a pin for access heart when on same wifi?

I get they might not want heart be an entrypoint for network hacking, but if i’m already ON the wifi, why? Just why?

I got the same “give me initial pin” thing with the Android app recently, I just chalked it down to app-got-updated-and-forgot-its-world-view bugs. I get the “oh, I forgot your login” all the time in all kinds of apps, so it’s just crap I’m used to nowadays.

The whole access thing is silly, I think that someone tried to “simplify” it because having separate remote and local accounts confused some blog/magazine reviewer, but it’s just the opposite.

Now I can’t really tell which kind of auth it uses, if it’s a local account or a cloudy thing. The app automatically creates an online/cloud account to even allow me to contact the local Heart, for reasons unknown.

And yes, it sends emails with pin codes that obviously is relayed through some cloud thingie, which is just plain silly for local access…

So, it mayhaps works in local mode, but color me very unimpressed due to the lack of a clear separation beyond the “we promise it’s good, mkay?” …

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