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Animus Heart?

Possibility to change unit type and what units that is sent to Google

Ok so this might already be possible but atleast I haven’t found any way to do it.
I have a couple of IKEA and Philips bulbs connected to my Animus via a Hue Bridge.
In Google Home then, via the Animus, they are seen as lights. Hence I can easily switch of all the lights in the room via Google Home since Google Home actually groups all lights automatically in a room.
But the z-wave power outlets, controlling lights, that I have connected via Animus is shown as power outlets in Google Home.
I would like to be able to manually tell Animus Heart to show and “export” some of my power outlets as lights instead.
Could this be fixed?

Also. Would it be possible to send my z-wave thermostats to Google Home as thermostats?
And perhaps it would possible to actually make devices visible or not visible for the Google Home sync?

Hope you understand what I’m asking for, it’s late…


Trevligt att vi är flera som önskar denna funktion. Jag har väckt denna fråga via supporten för en tid sedan. Är vi fler som önskar en funktion vill jag hoppas att chansen ökar att det kan komma.

Both deciding which units that are visible to google home, and as what type.
And make virtual devices exported together with a type.

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Bump! I need it too!