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Possibility to include device data in e-mail subject

Would be great if it was possible to include device data in the e-mail subject in automations. At the moment you’re only able to include it in the message.

I am using e-mail to send and see historical data like temperature and humidity in my summer house. It’s easier and faster to see data in the subject than always needing to open the mail.


Hello all.

I have an automation that sends an e-mail every time my front door opens. Is it possible to use any syntax in the subject field?

I´d like in addition to the message “Door opens” also have date and time in the e-mail subject.

As of today the subject is the same every time, every day, and almost all e-mail clients groups incoming messages with the same subject. I need to se date and time in the E-mail subject.

I also have an e-mail sent a couple times a day with sensor data from a temperature sensor. It would also be nice if the registered temperature data comes with the date and time it was collected by my :animusheart: . Im sorry to say that my :animusheart: located next to (a meter apart) my TellstickNet only receives 1 of 5 to 1 of 10 temperature data 433mhz sensor VS TellstickNet.


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