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Animus Heart?

Problem with pairing Z-Wave

Hi, I just got a Animus Heart, installed it and paired all my 433Mhz units without any problems, the problems comes when its time to pair the Z-Wave. For example, I tried first with my Clevario Smoke Detector, i put it in pairing mode, the green light on the smoke detector flashes 3 times wich means that the pairing was successful but the app says the pairing was unsuccessful and cant find the smoke detector. Am I doing something wrong? Tried a number of times with the same results. I have the smoke detector within one meter of the Animus Heart. Then I tried with a Nexus magnet switch, put it in pairingmode but the animus never finds it when the 60 seconds has counted down.

I had one device I was struggling with like crazy, before I found out it was aleady paired. You may want to try to exclude it before you include it.


Thanks! I will try it when I get home tonight.