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Radiator Adax Neo or other electric radiators

Would be great if it was possible to connect Animus to electric radiators like Adax Neo Wifi, or is it already possible through any device?

Nice looking radiator :+1: … It’s not possible to add this device today.

Don’t know exactly how one would do it, but it might just be possible to connect a Z-Wave module, like the Qubino flush relay to an electric radiator.
Disclaimer! I don’t have any experience of doing this. Please look it up more carefully before attempting anything :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer! Let’s hope this will work in the future then :slight_smile:
Is it possible to adjust temperature through the Qubino flush relay or is it just on or off?

That flush relay I mentioned will only have On/Off. There are other modules as well in the market. A dimmer-module will allow you to regulate a value of 0-100, mostly used for lights. Don’t know how a heater will handle power changes from a dimmer-module. Most of them are probably not so happy about it. Again, disclaimer in previous answer :stuck_out_tongue:

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