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Animus Heart?

Really slow to open app

Hello! Anyone else having problems for a few months now with the app being really slow to open? I’m on Android, and it takes me at least 7-10 seconds after I choose my home (which I still have to do more or less every time I open the app, even though I only have one…)

The app is during the time of opening transferring a lot of data, topping out at almost 1 mbps. Same behavior on a Samsung s10e and a oneplus 6.

I can confirm both.
Loading the App seems a little faster when plugging the Heart to LAN, never monitored the traffic though.

As of chosing home, I found that, when you completely close the App and open it again, you don’t have to confirm your only home.
But when just minimizing and then starting up from the home screen you will be prompted again.

Nokia 6.1

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I had the same thing, solved it by clearing the apps cache and all of it’s storage in my phone. And log in again. Tried it?

Yes, already tried this, counting the heartbeats before and after, didn’t change anything.
But this is only a minor problem for me.

I have the same problem, really slow! I now use the browser in the phone and log in by the local adress instead, that goes really fast.

Android or iPhone? If android, have you tried the easy way out and just uninstalled the app and then reinstall it again? Hey, maybe it’s the same with iPhone, don’t really know that…

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Still slow, it is useless for me, if I hadnt been able to use the local adress I just had to get rid of this Animus, it takes 3-10 sec everytime with the App, but less than a sec with the browser. I am using Android.

Extremely annoying. If I use the hue app it is really fast. Considering a switch to Homey.
Absolut The Heart stops responding repeatedly and needs un-plugging to reboot