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Animus Heart?

Remote access again

Hi Team,
Over christmas I have time to dig into my little problems of setting up remote access for my Heart.

I’m following the following lnstruction, by Vigan :

You need to have an Animus Heart with software version 1.3.0 or later. CHECK
You need to have an Animus Web account. Se 1. below
You need to have Internet connection. CHECK
You need to be able to access your Animus Heart locally (be in the same Wi-Fi). CHECK
You need to enable the remote access CHECK

  1. My problem occur on the "Create a webaccount: " where I get: my account doesn’t have access to JIRA on animus.atlassian.net.

When I try to remedy this situation I get into a deadlocksituation. IE When I have access to JIRA I can’t reach Animus and vice versa.

Greatful for any advice on this matter.
Br Mats