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Remote Access issues

Currently we are experiencing some issues on the Remote Access Server which makes the service unavailable. This affects all the users that uses Google Home or Remote Access on their Heart. We are working on the problem and will updated this post during the day.

Kind regards
Your Animus Home Team!

Everything is back to normal!

The issue with Remote Access that started early sunday morning 2019-06-02 CEST has now been fixed, all system are back to normal. The problem was an internal issue on the Remote Access Server regarding an outdated certificate, the certificate is now renewed.

We appologize for the downtime!

Have a great evening
Animus Home Team



Have these problems started again ? since last night i have had problems.

Have had trouble connecting to my animus device, after a couple of resets and setup problems
the unit itself seems to be working and I can control my home again through animus. but i can’t sync with google home. it tries to connect ,but I only get the message “cannot update settings, check your connection”

any suggestions ?

Kind regards

Hi Johan,

We noticed an issue, with the Heart connected to your account, yesterday and this morning. However now it seems to be ok, but we can’t check Google Home on your Heart directly. Please create a support ticket and the support team can have a look at Google Home as well.

Kind regards

FYI: I also have had problems accessing my Animus remote this morning. So something was not right…

// Niklas


Just want to say that I’m back :slight_smile: and everything works now !

Thanks for the replys.

Have a nice day !