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Animus Heart?

Remote access multiple Animus Hearts

I have 2 Hearts setup in different locations and finding it a bit hard to access these remotly. Is there a way to choose Heart prior to logon?

Hi @tlea and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Currently the easiest way is to have them connected to different cloud accounts and then log out/in each time you wish to switch. The Animus dev-team is working on a new app version which supports easy switching between Hearts within the same account. :+1:


Hej, you have hit an annoying problem. Like you, I have two separate Animuses in two different houses. I have created two separate accounts (Acc1 and Acc2), one for each Animus – A1 and A2 respectivly. You did not mention which kind of device you prefer to use for handling your Animuses but I list a couple of options below.

The trickiest situation is when you need to access A1 and A2 from outside your homes – i.e. via the Animus server.

Using your laptop, one procedure is then:

  1. Assign one browser (Chrome) to A1 and another browser (Edge or Firefox) to A2
  2. Once you have done this don´t try to switch browser.
  3. Use Chrome to login to Acc1 and go on to A1
  4. Use Edge to login to Acc2 and go on to A2
  5. Now you should be able to handle the two devices

If you are in one of your houses the procedure is:

  1. Assign one browser (Chrome) to A1 and another browser (Edge or Firefox) to A2
  2. Don´t try to switch browser.
  3. Use Chrome to login to Acc1 and go on to A1
  4. I suggest that you use Edge to access A2 locally and directly via your WiFi-router as described elsewhere. It might work to open a new window in Chrome and login in to A2 but I don’t recommend that.

If you use a smartphone or related devices with an Android system, the procedure is like using the laptop above.

  1. Use Chrome for A1 and
  2. the Animus App for A2 or vice versa.
  3. Note that you can use the Animus App for handling A1 and A2 at separate occasions. The Animus app becomes locked to one account (Acc1) when you download it and start the access procedure the first time . Thus, every time you open the App it will always connect to A1.
  4. If you want to switch to A2 you must log out from the A1 and the App and uninstall the App.
  5. Download the App again. When you open the App, you can now select the other account Acc2 as the first thing and then handle A2.

This is somewhat complicated but this is how I manage my two Animuses in different situations.


Hi Peder and thanks for your information. I guess my route will be to use different browsers as suggested. I hope the app will be able to handle multiple Hearts in the coming release.


Same problem. Multiple Animus and more to come. They need to be selectable in app. Asap. Are they in web app?