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Remote Server problem

Hello, I cannot connect remotely, is the server down? Guess this is why I cannot connect my Google Home as well?
Appreciate if you can confirm any issue on the cloud server, tried everything…

Also having truoble with remote connection. And no conntact through google. Anyone at Animus who can answer??

I m having same issue as well. I can’t connect remotely.

For what it’s worth, remote access works for me.

Hello, do you have the latest firmware too?

Yepp. <add as post must be 20>

I can enter Animus through a browser, but the app is offline when not on wifi. Anyone with a solution?

Hi all,
In some cases it helps to disable the remote access on the app and enable again. It will refresh better than just removing the accounts.

@anders.c.winge please inform all of us if this helped you?