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Repeat function

A repeat function could be nice.
Sometimes a switch is not turned off in an automation.
Would like to repeat an automation with x secs delay



For some 433-devices that doesn’t always get triggered I have build my own repeater by adding delays between the actions. You probably also do this today but wish to replace it with a function that makes this instead?

This feature wold be nice to have :slight_smile:
Of course I can create a new automation and run after the first one, but it would be easier to say “repeat n times” with n seconds between.

If I understand your case correctly, you don’t need to create a new automation. Just put a delay between the green action-cards.

This example that I made will turn the CoffeMachine switch OFF 3 times, with 1s delays in between.


I have the same thought :slight_smile:

I agree, but if you have 20 switches, there are a lot ot actions to multiply.
20 * 3 and 59 wait 1 s. If copy existed it will be easier, but even more easy is i can select a switch in the automation, and say repeat 3 times, 0,5 secs between.


I can see the use for such a function in future, but for me it often is the same switches that misses. In my case it has to do with a little to long range. So i just need to do the repeat on those.