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Respons at animus help center


If I open a request in the Help Center, I understand that all available resources are not intended for me. But it would be nice to get a little clue if my request is worth considering. I have submitted a proposal for improvement that is now over a year old. It would be nice for someone at least to tell me that my proposal is so vain that it is not worth the time to consider it.

I second that it takes way too long to get a response or update to a support request/ticket. Given all current issues and that I don’t know the size of Animus as a company, I can just hope it soon gets a lot better.

I understand and agree that the time for support feels long and a year isn’t ok at all and in this case i guess and hope that it has fallen in between something else. I think you at least could get an answer at the ticket.

The suggestion with a temperature-log is in the suggestion-category as well HERE, and in my book a really good idea. I hope that the developers take one or more thoughts in implementing this, my personal wish is to keep it in the system without third party integration and keep the info local.
The conrad integration is something that i haven’t seen tho. :slight_smile:

My cents is on that the developers will prioritize to get the service stable for now and minimize the little annoying things that bugs the system at the moment. A choice I at least supports fully.