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Animus Heart?

Retro e27-bulb that is compatible with the heart?

I’m renovating a guest toilet and trying to find a bulb with zigbee or any other :animusheart: compatible device. The problem is that it’s going to be in a old cielinglight with crystals and therefore i want it to look like retro… Any suggestions my friends?

Happy easter btw!

What do you think of the nedis smartline? It’s as i understand it connected through wifi. I saw that tp-link lights also we’re wifi. What do you think? @Vigge

I have no experience with the Nedis Smartlife lights and don’t know much about them. They seem to be connected to platforms like GA and IFTTT, but don’t find anything about a local API. Maybe they only allow cloud-integration.
How is the experience with these and how popular is this amongst users today?

If you wish to keep a retro-feeling of your lights you could instead connect the cables to the light with a switch-module. Maybe that’s sufficient for your use case.

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