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Animus Heart?

Rusta smart socket [433 MHz]

I found a couple of old smart plugs i had laying around and was wondering if i could integrate them with the :animusheart:. There are a discussion about interrogation with the telldus system on their forum and after looking at my tellstick net i can confirm that they’ve integrated these plugs. After looking at the developer console i can confirm that the heart is able to pick them up

hugo/37186/18/4097 : true (rssi:-16)



ON: hugo/49698/18/4097 : true (rssi:-16)
OFF: hugo/49698/8/4097 : true (rssi:-16)

The on and off command a received by the :animusheart: as separate transmissions/devices (one command for on and another for off)

Scanning for the signal using rtl_433 resulted in the following:

Waveman Switch Transmitter
id: P
channel: 4
button: 4
state: off

Mottagare info:
Zhejiang kangtai elektric co.,Ltd
Model no: 2606
Input 230v 4,35A 50/60hz
Power: 1000w
Made in PRC

rusta order no: 422881
rusta item no : 92201028


Good, thanks for testing out and reporting success! @linushg111. Another one to the “compatible devices” on the webpage @vato

The thing is that most 433 devices work with animus, better or worse… Better, my nexa wmr-252 and plugs is flawless with really good range. Worse, the telldus hydro/temperature-meter is for me close to unusable due to bad connection-range (but it seems to be on device level, some seems to work good, strangely) only works good if placed within a centimeter on :animusheart: :roll_eyes:

Yeah i am able to receive it and see it in the history log but how can i add “hugo” devices to the animus home?

Sorry if i sound stupid but, “hugo”?

Yeah i thought it sounded weird at first too but it’s what the log outputs

Any idea on how i could add it?

Does it not work to just choose a on/off switch by nexa in the inclusion process in the animus heart? Note… If they are old they probably will need some factory-reset before put into learning mode in the inclusion.

I am not able to add the device as a NEXA or any other device, it may be related to what i added in the Update section of this discussion.

Do you mean that is the log from animus terminal window?

Yeah exactly, sorry if i wasn’t clear enough :smile:

But what happens if you have the terminal window up and running on a computer or a other phone while you try to add the device. Does it give some info?

I dont have any outlets to test on right now either. So i have to pass this one to someone more skilled than me :cold_sweat:

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I don’t really get any console output from the :animusheart: while adding a device. Hopefully i and someone will be able solve this and thank you for all your time :grin:

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I forgot to mention they are so old that they are using dip switches to select the code


I think I have the exact same device. Actually, I have like 8 of these sockets and two remotes. Also, one of the sockets has a dimmer feature. The model number (2606) is the same, but the manufacturer’s name is “SARTANO” on my devices.
I literally received my Animus Heart today. I chose it in the hope of being able to reuse my old 433 sockets. Did you ever manage to use the Animus Heart to control these devices? Is there any way of adding 433 devices without going through the UI?
I played around with the dip switches on the remote and got similar output to yours:

hugo/33090/8/4097 : true (rssi:-38)
hugo/34162/8/4097 : true (rssi:-36)
hugo/37186/8/4097 : true (rssi:-39)
hugo/37442/8/4097 : true (rssi:-40)
hugo/37746/8/4097 : true (rssi:-25)
hugo/38258/8/4097 : true (rssi:-35)
hugo/40050/8/4097 : true (rssi:-32)
hugo/49730/8/4097 : true (rssi:-90)
hugo/50034/8/4097 : true (rssi:-25)
hugo/50546/8/4097 : true (rssi:-33)
hugo/50802/18/4097 : true (rssi:-58)
hugo/50802/6/4097 : false (rssi:-24)
hugo/50802/8/4097 : true (rssi:-35)
hugo/50802/9/4097 : false (rssi:-90)
hugo/50978/18/4097 : true (rssi:-22)
hugo/50978/9/4097 : false (rssi:-20)
hugo/50982/2/4097 : false (rssi:-18)
hugo/50982/24/4097 : false (rssi:-20)
hugo/50982/25/4097 : true (rssi:-20)
hugo/51053/18/4097 : true (rssi:-52)
hugo/51266/8/4097 : true (rssi:-23)
hugo/53826/8/4097 : true (rssi:-43)
hugo/54898/8/4097 : true (rssi:-34)
hugo/55362/8/4097 : true (rssi:-46)

I’ve submitted a “device suggestion” to Animus Home, and I really hope they will add support for it. (fingers crossed! :slightly_smiling_face:)

I really hope the Animus team will add support for these old 433Mhz devices. There are probably many households, at least in the nordics, that have a bunch of these either plugged in or in a drawer somewhere. It it should be pretty easy to implement.
Far too impatient to wait around, I decided to do something about it myself. Since I had an old Raspberry Pi laying around, I ordered an FS1000A transmitter (seen in the picture below) and an XY-MK-5V receiver (for sniffing the signals from my remote) and wrote a small python program that listened to events from the Heart using the websockets API and when one of the “fake” 433Mhz devices were turned on or off, the program sent the corresponding control codes through the FS1000A transmitter. I used fake 433Mhz devices instead of virtual devices since I want to control the switches using the Google Assistant.
It works perfectly, and it gives me some satisfaction that I was able to put this together myself, but it would be even better if the Heart got native support for these devices :slight_smile: