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Animus Heart?

Scene triggered for no reason at all

my heart is acting weird. Just got home and a short while after the heart states in the activity log that a scene was triggered to shut lights off. This is nothing I have defined anywhere, so a direct malfunction. Please explain how a scene can execute on it’s own? or why… Thanks

Hi there,

what triggers the automation “Lampor AV”?
The 2 scenes seemed to be started by that.
Now again a more detailed log would help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! Only thing that triggers “Lampor Av” is an automation, set to go off late at night… Indeed, any detail would help, at least some…

Hm, maybe the issue with Upcoming Events could be more than a visual bug. :thinking:
A few times I thought so, e.g. yesterday, after 2 weeks of holidays, I activated my wake-up automation, which didn’t run this morning, this has already happened once before.
When I think of it, this is my only automation triggered by a fixed time, others depend on variables like day/night, home or not, alseep/awake, or the state of virtual switches.

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I have once before had lights turn on unexpectedly, not long after they were switched off that night. I wasn’t sure why, but I had no trigger that could have done it. Quite unpleasant. I do hope they look into the time/trigger mechanism thoroughly. There may as you say be things to be found…

I have never had something triggering for no reason, but I have two Fibaro plug in switches that sometimes doesn’t listen to the automation. Not sure if it’s the :animusheart: or the plugs. Isn’t Z-wave feedbacking the status of the device to the hub, and if the command isn’t executed, shouldn’t the hub send the command again? And also not sure it relates to this issue. :thinking:

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Today is second day in a row that my wakeup light didn’t fire! :frowning: Worked fine before ACRE, haven’t used it until now (christmas vacation).

Is it only time-triggered automations that seems to fail? Is this a common factor?
What does the Activity log say, any notification there if it started or not?

My system haven’t had any issues after the ACRE update. All morning lights triggered by time still lights up as expected (even though they don’t show up in the Upcoming events-list, but that’s anoter issue :wink: )

A more complicated workaround could be to make another automation exactly like the first one and delete the one that fails, even though it shouldn’t be neccessary, to see if it makes any difference.
Or could it be one device in your automation that doesn’t exist any more or is unaccesible that breaks the execution?

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I’m sure there has been a reason, but unfortunateliy not an obvious one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, if a command has not been acknowledged it will be sent again, but I have no idea how often this happens.
Maybe this could be an explanation for the Heart locking up somtimes when triggering a scene that sets multiple devices, something like stuck in set/get-acknowledge-loop?
But this is a different issue I already created a ticket for.

Exactly the same here!

In my case this the only time triggered automation I use.
There are no log entries for that, so I think that it is not an issue of the device itself, also this specific device can be switched on manually, e.g with a FOB.
A common thing might be, that this a LIFX-bulb and I think that @anon94114147 also uses WiFi/Zigbee devices.

Yes, only time-triggered automations that fail for me too. Indeed, I use only Zigbee for now.

I had another “feature” today. Also for the second time. May or may not be related though.
I have two HUE led lists which are controlled in the same scene. It triggered alright, (by sunset) but the dimmer value is way off for one of them, its barely glowing at all, the other one as it is supposed to… @Exxpert Could you maybe help getting some attention on this thread? :sunglasses:

Any side effects like no activity logs or Heart becoming unresponsive after that happened?

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My activity log is going berserk with multiple entries of events so its a bit hard to know which one that is the correct one. Awaiting dates (and access to the raw logs) to be able to sort them… So, indeed, seems like side-effects of sorts.

When looking at the picture in the first post, it seems like you have more or less one automation/lamp to shut off, which clutters the log a lot.
One suggestion could be to create a scene with the specific night-lights, where you shutdown the actual lights directly instead of calling them all in each automation. Scene is per definition a kind of grouping of a light-setup, so it also easily can be reused if requested

As I see it it’s better to group multiple light-combinations as more scenes with different combinations of light-setup, like “Night-scen”, “Evening-scene” or “Lights when coming home” etc…
In that case you get some more scenes but I think you can reduce the number of automations significantly and get a better overview of what events is going on.
Unless you have a specific condition in each light-automation of course!

Just an idea. Like in the provided excample:

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Thanks. Maybe not obvious, but I have separate scenes grouped into bigger ones, just because I reuse them in different scenarios.
With the logs going berserk, I meant that it is not working correctly, as in repeating the same entries several times, not showing relevant, correct information… And no, I don’t use loops in my automations…

Aaah, I see what you mean now. My bad :shushing_face:
I hope my post will help someone else on how one can do at least…

In your case it seems very odd that “Lampor Av” in one place trigger one scene and in another trigger two scenes? It can’t be like you by mistake have created two scenes with same name, or one scene and one automation? It seems allowed by the Heart and can be really hard to spot currently with the limited sorting and grouping functionality.


Hm, this could be the problem, here’s what the support told me today regarding my issue:

“Unfortunately scenes don’t allow loops and that’s not editable in the current version. Usually there are workarounds for making it work,”

Well, as long as there is only one “TOP” scene/aut that trigger other scenes in a down-facing tree it should work, right?
The risc then might lie a scene calling another scene recursively, but then the Heart might be unresponsive I guess, so it shouldnt be that.

In the simple scenarion I have a scene that trigger another scene and so far that works every time.

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Yes, this also is the way I understand it.
After this issue appeared for the first for me, I checked all my automations for possible loops or double executions and eliminated what I have found.
But I suspect, that in my case, this is an issue with Z-Wave.