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Animus Heart?

Securitas Verisure Home Alarm

I think many agree with me when I say that the ultimate trigger for home automation is you home security system. If Animus Heart would be able to read wether my Verisure Security system is armed or not, the possibilities would be endless :slight_smile:

Any thoughts or plans for supporting it? I’ve seen various hacks for Homebridge etc, so is should be doable?

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And I think you NEVER should integrate your home automation systems with your security eco systems and ALWAYS keep them separated. :slight_smile:

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In my thinking it could be possible for the home automation system to read the status of the alarm and be able to arm the alarm but not to shut the alarm off.

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I’m not talking about integration. I’m talking about reading the status - if the security system is armed or not - so Animus knows if I’m home or not.

Can’t see any problems or security risks with that.

To read status would be great but that means the your security vendor must provide an API that only expose/publish that particular functionality/information. A lot of cheesy atempts for this is done by screen scrapeing, you end up to store your credentials on your device passing them forward in the clear, and the same credentials that have full access to your alarm system.

Yes, and that is why I’m asking animus instead of making a “cheesy” solution on my own :slight_smile:

Then we are in agreement, NO CHEEZE :slight_smile:

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It should be doable, had a bit of looking around and found out that there’s a python module for the verisure API. But it’s probaly a lot of work to intergrate sometyhing like it in to the :animusheart:. You just have to be nice to the animushome team and hope they integrate it :smile:



The only option that I have seen is this, sorry only in Swedish, that don’t involve hacking a web service/API that is not offical supported.



Yes, I would like something similar but for another security system (Sikkerthjem S6evo). I want to activate some sensors outside for extra spotlights (strong ones) etc, but I don’t want them to go off when I’m outside myself all the time. Reading the alarm status would be a good “And” factor in the automation setup.

For this i reckon that the alarmsystem have be able to send out status of alarm. And question is if sikkerthjem support this. I have my doubts…

Yes me too. But they have their own smart plug which you can turn on/off with arming/disarming the alarm. A bit interested to try some z wave device on this power plug to use as the ”alarm status” on when it has power and is idle…

Otherwise i can use it separated and let the power plugs activate those motion sensors…

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Have you tried contacting them too hear if its possible to use the 433Hz devices outside their system?
It is Chinese made even though Sikkerthjem is Danish, the app it self is hosted at Alibaba.
Talking about running it in a isolated network by it self…

Have contacted them regarding using the 433 devices for more or less the same reason, but still waiting for an answer.
The old series are well known devices used in many solutions, and are also working in S6evo.

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Interesting, how do you know this?

For once I have one at home, two its written in their terms, that the app is hosted in China.
The app is connection to China, the hardware it self well use a translator.
Under the section under App and Hardware you will see
YCloud SMS Service (CN)
Alibaba Cloud (CN)
Dinsafer (CN)
Qiniu Cloud (CN)

I have written with them regarding their GDPR terms and their use of services in China.

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:scream: that was a really good thing to know. I had thoughts of buying one of those alarms systems. Not any more :smile:

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Wow! Not in a good way.

Thanks for sharing.

Please let us know their response. If they respond.

Regarding GDPR they are upholding the law.
They spoke with the Danish “Data tilsynet” and they’re complaint at least that what they wrote back.

So whats the answer? will you integrate Versiure alarms or not?
For me it would be enough if animus could return the following:

  1. Are the door(s) locked or unlocked.
  2. Are any doors or windows open
  3. get temperature sensor info

I can’t speak on the behalf of the animushome team but i don’t think this will be added at this time because it would be a lot of work to integrate something like this. Versiure has what looks like a pretty god API and some one have manged to integrate it with home-assistant so i think it’s definitely not impossible to integrate it with the :animusheart: