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Animus Heart?

Select which devices are exported to HomeKit?

Is it possible to export only some devices to HomeKit? I have a Hue bridge that is connected to both HomeKit and to the Animus Heart, and this makes all my lights show up twice in HomeKit.

So far I see no reason to export the lights through the Animus Heart (The Hue bridge also exports room setups, but the Animus Heart seems to dump all my lights in the default room), but I would still want e.g. a virtual switch to be exported so I can trigger it from Siri.

Hi @dans, it’s not possible to export only some devices to AppleHome or GoogleHome in the current versions.

If you don’t use the Hue-devices via AH, then you could just skip adding them there and they won’t add twice in homekit? :confused:

Hi, thanks for your answer. I do want to be able to control them through the AH since it offers much better support for conditions than the Hue.

I guess my option right now is to disconnect the Hue from HomeKit and only export the lamps through the AH. Though I don’t think I get the (real) switches in HomeKit that way, and then there’s the problem with AH not knowing the actual state of the lamps. Maybe I’ll keep the Hue-HomeKit connection and stuff all the lamps the AH exports into a virtual room. I mostly use rooms rather than individual lamps through Siri anyway.

Oh, okej I get that.

Yep, then I think your best solution right now is to put the doubles from AH into a “nothing to see here”-room :stuck_out_tongue: