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Send notifications to Telegram

Due to issues getting notifications to my Android phone from the Animus app, I figured out how I could use Telegram to receive notifications from automations.

Following this guide, you have to:

  1. Create a Telegram public channel (we’ll make this private later)
  2. Create a Telegram BOT via BotFather (More info about bots and how to create them here.
  3. Set the bot as administrator in your channel

Then you have to send a test message to your public channel from your web browser like this:

https://api.telegram.org/bot**API_KEY_FOR_YOUR_BOT**/sendMessage?chat_id=**@ID_OF_YOUR_PUBLIC_CHANNE**L&text=**Test message**

You will then get a response similar to this:

{"ok":true,"result":{"message_id":1,"chat":{"id":-101020305893,"title":"Channel_Name","type":"channel"},"date":1582619313,"text":"Test message"}}

Note the ID here: -101020305893
Now you can make you channel private, and use this ID as Chat_id instead of the channel name.

When creating automations you can then use Webhook to send notifications.

PS: There seems to be a limitation regarding how long notification Animus can send via webhooks.


Good one, and a really nice tutorial :bouquet: