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Set parameters (101, 102) on Telldus Plug-in switch mini?

From my understanding it’s possible to disable power and energy reporting by setting parameter 101 and 102 to 0, but it seems impossible. I can set the value any value between min=5 and max=2678400, but not 0.

Any suggestions?

I’ve tried with “cmd” to set it. It’s just not possible to set it to 0. I can set it to any other valid value…

I have not tried this. Usually I buy a switch with power metering for the power metering features :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But are you sure the reporting is continuing or are you expecting the GUI parts for energy to be removed?

Yes I can see that the parameters are not set to 0 and keeping the their old values. So if i set to 5 I’ll get reports every 5 second. If I then try to set to 0 i still get reports every 5 second. Refreshing the device will also show 5.

But setting it to 2678400 is fine, i guess. Once a month won’t spam the network :wink:

I’d be more interested in metrics if it was possible to log it :slight_smile: