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Smoke detector (Popp) false alarm


I have two smoke detectors from Popp that I have connected through Z-wave. One of them as given out false alarms three times at random times during the last two weeks. Once, it started beeping and sending a notice through the phone while there was absolutely no reason to do it. The two other times I just got notices through the app (no beeping) with no reason for them to activate.

I have had the alarms for over two years (and changed batteries) and there have been no problem ever. The problems all started after connecting them to Animus, hence why I ask the question here.

Anyone that has a similar issue and know how to solve it?

Jag har också två Popp smoke detectors, där får jag också till och från notiser på mobilen att de detekterat rök, men det är bara falsklarm. De har aldrig tjutit, utan bara dessa notiser.
Jag har inte funnit någon lösning, eller för den delen anledningen till varför de beter sig så här.

Har du hittat någon lösning?