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Animus Heart?

Snips voice assistant

Hi again guys!

Just wondering in anyone tried Snips as an voice assistant? Haven’t had the time to do so myself yet, but I’m really liking what I’m reading! Local and private, and open source!

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Good finding! For me it fails on swedish, i refuse to talk english at home with the assistant, i have enought difficulties to write in what at least sometimes seems to be understandable (and the fact that i’m lazy and want as little config as possible) But i like the thought of a local assistant, let’s see what this turns out to be, i’m keeping my eyes open for this project)

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Someone will probably build a Swedish language pack for it, in the future. And your English is very good, as far as I can tell, being Swedish too :wink:

For me it’s the opposite, I still have my Google Homes set to English, not because it has more functions then, but if my kids are going to be using it, and being annoying, at least they’re learning English right!? :smiley:

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My friends 4 year old daughter use to bicycle outside our house and yelling “HEEEEJJJ GOOOOGLE SLÄÄÄCK LAMPORNA!!” she have named one of her small toys “google” and sits and talk to it by herself when she is bored :joy:


Haha, that’s really cute! Sound a lot like my friend, he’s 31 :joy: ( Jesper, if you’re ever reading this, yes I’m talking about you :kissing_heart: )

My kids wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of power. We would have constant disco, all the time, every day! I’m talking strobing lights, Babblarna on repeat, Peppa Pig on the TVs!

I wonder if the :animusheart: could be used to limit that behaviour? Would it be possible to put a cooldown period on, say turning off the lights, after they’ve been turned on? Maybe through the API? Wouldn’t want a cooldown on turning on the lights after they’ve been turned on though, we would be in constant darkness, and have to get headlamps :sweat_smile:

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Private by design and works offline

I like the thinking, although a bit sceptical on how well a RPI can handle a built in assistant in the hardware. :confused:

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