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Some TRÅDFRI sockets don't switch on/off correctly when many actions happen at the same time

Hi all,

Lately, likely after the latest TRÅDFRI updates, we’ve been having issues with some TRÅDFRI sockets not being switched into the state they should IF many automations trigger at the same time.

Anyone else seeing this?

We’ve worked around it now by not setting multiple automations to the same time, ie. skew switching on the aquarium lights by one minute, but that feels a bit silly to do in the long run…

I’m suspecting that there’s either some issue with the Heart<->TRÅDFRI gw integration, or that the problem is entirely in the TRÅDFRI realm. In any case, I would think that there should be some kind of error handling that should catch this, ie the Heart shouldn’t say “all actions performed” if one of the devices in fact didn’t do what it should…

I reproduced this last night with an automation that turns off multiple lights at once.

One of the lights wasn’t turned off. Looking at the Heart device status it showed as off, but looking at the TRÅDFRI gateway status the device was on.

So, something seems to have changed somewhere that causes the Heart and the TRÅDFRI to sometime become out of sync when lots of devices are operated at the same time.

The only change I know of is the latest TRÅDFRI firmware update set, and then the question is whether the update is buggy, or if the protocol has changed, or if the implementaton has changed to follow the spec, or something else…

How should I handle this? Should I send a formal bug report?

Had a similar issue with a scene that triggered 5 Z-Wave TRVs.
At first glance it looked like some of the devices were ignored, having a closer look I found out that the Heart, or at least the Z-Wave package, locked up completely.
After adding a timer between all actions in the scene it mostly works, the Heart won’t lock up anymore, but still from time to time one of the TRVs seem to be forgotten,
For me, 18s turned out as good value.