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Speed of Z-wave devices when using Homekit

Hi, I’ve automated my entire home with HomeKit. Currently, I’m using a Tellstick to bridge my Z-wave devices with HomeKit, but it feels really like a beta feature and sometimes takes several seconds for the devices to respond to my commands or to update status. Does anyone have any experiences with the Animus HomeKit app and how fast it bridges Z-wave devices? Does it feel instant? Does it feel like the devices are HomeKit devices from the start or can you tell that they are not native compared to other devices in your setup? I really hope the Animus heart is the solution I need.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I can reply myself by saying that I finally bought an Animus Heart and the speed is instant compared to the Tellstick solution. The only problem I’m having now is that it doesn’t sync well when I use the mechanical switch connected to the dimmer. I know why it doesn’t work, but can’t see any way to manually fix it without a software update. Please see additional details in this new post: