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Spotify, Youtube music o other?

I have both spotify and youtube music at the moment and i have tried the most of the similar streaming-services (tidal,deezer and qobuz) As an spotifyuser since forever I have a little hard to get used to y-tube music. Missing some swede artists that are on spotify and strange quality on the sound.

Which do you prefer?

Spotify, haven’t really tried a lot of others, bevause I haven’t felt the need to. What are you missing from Spotify?

:joy: I’m just fine with spotify as well. But there is something in my brain that fools me into believe that some other service could be better. Youtube music for me is a little disappointing in matter it isn’t that much swede-music. Think obscure singer songwriting :rofl:

And the most important thing is that it feels like my google home-devices supports spotify better in that matter that it reacts faster and that I’m also can adjust volume for the whole group of speakers. Cant get that to work with youtube music app yet.

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For me it’s Spotify, just received my review for 2019, saying I spent 33387 minutes listening to music, so it can’t be wrong. I don’t think, that I miss something when not trying out other services. :star_struck:
I like the opportunity to discover new music, also Spotify is a company I gladly support.

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If Spotify would crank up its streaming quality a bit that would be the one and only… Some others offer Hi-fi and that is really neat, but too expensive…

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I am fully satisfied with the high quality stream of Spotify, don’t think that you will ever get the quality of a well recorded vinyl digitized over the internet, no matter how much you pay. :thinking:
But what are your Hi-Fi alternatives?

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Nice to see this old thread alive again :clap: :+1:

I now have used a trial account on amazon music hd, flac cd-quality and beyond. (Ultra hd) good catalogue with music. Missing a few obscure swedish artists and needs a registration through vpn, BUT, really really good music quality! Better than tidal imo.

Right now i also have a family-subscription on spotify and a premium youtube account. Wife mostly use spotify and i sometimes gets a little restless and try to convert to YouTube music for the 10th time. Really like the opportunity to have adfree youtube through premium. It would be better for my economy to just use a family-subscription to youtube premium than to use both youtube and spotify :moneybag: And youtube music gets better, Slowly, slowly…


… this thread could be long… :wink: Its been a while since I tried, but Tidal offers Hi-Fi quality. And I do agree that compressed sound never gets near the original, uncompressed - a different story


I did a blindtest with a colleague and even with a pair of xiaomi inears he could hear a difference between amazon music hd in ultrahd and best spotify. Same album…

Tidal masters sounds quite good but is still compressed in mqa

Amazon music is high quality flac

@Exxpert yeah, it is always nice to talk about music. :relaxed:

My girlfrie´nd uses our Amazon account for music, while I use Spotify, so our different tastes of music won’t collide. :wink:
Also, my listening habits changed throughout the years, and so have I, so it is really rare that I sit down to listen to music and do nothing else.
I swapped my good old amplifier for an AVR :sob:, stored my CDs in the attic and started streaming.
So, to be honest, I don’t think, that I would appriciate a true HiFi sound.
But I must admit that the 1400 Kbit/s, that Tidal offers, is really impressive.
Also it feels like Spotify is a really good way to explore new music, I’m not restless enough to check out all of the alternatives.
At the moment, my restlessness is focused on other things. :animusheart:

I do agree. It is nowadays very rare to sit down to actively listen to music alone, but do still happen from time to time. Spotify offers a broad variety of songs, most in really good quality, so that is my given choice atm. I also like the “radio” function of spotify to explore new artists. :slight_smile:

Music is always present for me, though most of the time I do something else, but I never take it for just a background noise. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes I always listen to my discover weekly, check the relasae radar and the artist’s radio, too.
Love it. :relaxed: