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Spotify, Youtube music o other?

I have both spotify and youtube music at the moment and i have tried the most of the similar streaming-services (tidal,deezer and qobuz) As an spotifyuser since forever I have a little hard to get used to y-tube music. Missing some swede artists that are on spotify and strange quality on the sound.

Which do you prefer?

Spotify, haven’t really tried a lot of others, bevause I haven’t felt the need to. What are you missing from Spotify?

:joy: I’m just fine with spotify as well. But there is something in my brain that fools me into believe that some other service could be better. Youtube music for me is a little disappointing in matter it isn’t that much swede-music. Think obscure singer songwriting :rofl:

And the most important thing is that it feels like my google home-devices supports spotify better in that matter that it reacts faster and that I’m also can adjust volume for the whole group of speakers. Cant get that to work with youtube music app yet.

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