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Animus Heart?

Strange things are happening now


Strange thing 1:

I have a bit of a situation here. Earlier today I noticed a power plug had a “device is offline” status. I unplugged the device and put it back in the outlet with no luc´k. Still offline. I then decided to reboot the heart as things like this have been resolved after a reboot. So far so good. But the reboot did not solve the original “device is offline´” problem so I decided that I wanted to exclude the node and include it again. In the node config I clicked on “Remove device”. I got a window saying “Loading…” (both on Android and on computer). And here I am still waiting… I have tried to restart the remove/exclude process several times with no luck. Have also tried to remove/exclude another zwave device with same result: Loading…
So at this point it seems something is really messed up with my Animus config or something… So I would appreciate if one of you Animus guys could give me some advice on how to proceed…
Update: After a powercycle of heart it seems I now can exclude a node. And I have successfully included the previously failed node.

Strange thing 2:

Also, after reboot above, the heart complained about a faild zwave node and suggested a rebuild. I did that and I got a new node like “zwave node -47” or similar. Question was I did not know which of the nodes that was rebuilt i.e what appliance it was connected to. A coincidence made me focus on one particular appliance and I realized that my new (rebuilt) device was connected to it. Strange this is that the old device was connected too so now I have 2 (heart)-devices connected to one appliance… According to the API the two devices have different UID:s but if I switch on and off the “old” plug via animus, so does the “twin”… very strange…

// Niklas

Not that strange to me, it’s similar to the issues I regularly experience, sometimes either the Z-Wave package oder the controller itself seem to get completely stuck.

I notice this only by chance, when an automation is not executed anymore.
An indicator for that is, when suddenly all devices in the Package Controllers are gone and the web-console won’t accept Z-Wave commands anymore.
Does this happen in your case, too?

I have the feeling that, the more mains-powered devices I include (and also use in automations), the more overstrained the Heart becomes.
Meanwhile, at least one reboot, rather more, each week is necessary to keep it working. :unamused:

@Olsen: Okey so I’m not alone… :slight_smile: Good to know. I may recognize the “won’t accept Z-Wave commands” problem, but “all devices gone”… No, can’t remember I’ve been there. Can’t say if many power-plugs (I have around 10 using z-wave) cause any issues in my case, but if you’re right it could explain some of the issues we both seems to have had…

But I have been experiencing additional strange things recently such as heart becoming unresponsive after a reboot and that WIFI suddenly stops working after a reboot. Hmm…

Regarding reboot one a week or similar, I’m not surprised. Have had this thought myself quite often… Maybe I will do as you and restart the heart once a week.

looks like that, I was scared to death when this happened for the first time :worried::

I only own 3 Aeotec SmartSwitches and one Fibaro Single Switch, also some mains-powered sensors and 4 bulbs.
With an increasing number of mains-powered devices and FLiRS i use, also the amount of S2-activated devices is growing, maybe that could also be part of the problem. :thinking:

I remember I had to carry the Heart to the nearest network switch some time ago, but this has happened only one time.

But sometimes it seems that the webserver session is locking up, in this case I only had to restart my browser.
It feels similar like a Z-Wave lock up when this happens, but the indicator for that is when the “Home Settings” of the Heart point to Malmö. Never been there.

A scheduled reboot is no option for me, since I discovered another strange thing some weeks ago:
After rebooting, at least one, sometimes more, of my door/window sensor refuse to send their open/close state to the Heart. I have to wake them up and do a refresh from the GUI to make them work again.
It is always the Oomi sensor, sometimes one of my Fibaros or Aeotec.
Yesterday, also one of my Fibaro motion sensors stopped reporting motion.

I have read that there’s a way to increase the loglevel in the web-console, which could be helpful for troubleshooting, but I have no idea how to do that.

This is exactly what has happened to me a number of times lately! I have several Telldus door/window sensors and it seems they randomly stops to send (or heart refuses to receive) either sensor- or battery state. Pressing the “refresh” button on the sensor usually solves the issue and after reloading the heart page, the status is updated!