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Animus Heart?

Suggestion: implementation of an automatic restart in the heart

I have recurring issues with the Heart loosing connection with the server, which in turn makes it impossible to log on to it. Which in turn makes it necessary to unplug it to restart it and to reconnect to it.

It is slightly annoying when using the Heart as a monitor for eg. a leisure home, boat or like. The same goes of course for using it at home since one have to restart it regularly.

I have been thinking of attaching the heart’s plug via a timer, and use it to force restart it once a day. But I would very much prefer to restart it automatically without a timer. And preferably not on a daily basis, but once a week or something like that.

The inclusion of this function would be worth gold since it would stabilise the Heart and minimise the risk for connectivity issues.

I hope that you could find a better solution to this issue than my “timer” DIY, because it is far from optimal.


Agree 100%.
I havet The same problem