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Telldus fridge/freezer sensor

Hey! Trying to add the Telldus fridge/freeze sensor through the mobile app. Using the two existing alternatives for temp sensors, but none of them finds the sensor. Is there a bug in the app or is it user related? :slight_smile:

Do you keep it REALLY close to the heart when pairing?

Welcome to the forum btw!

Thanks a bunch!

Yupp. Tried it from both afar and on top of the Animus.

Have you tried to make a factoryreset of the sensor before pairing?

There is no factory reset on the sensor. But I have tried removing the batteries etc.

Then I’m out of ideas :thinking: i do know that i had a bit of strugle with my telldus sensor as well. I can’t recommend it at all. It’s a big difference between devices, some if them work from a quite long range under the circumstances but mine only send updates of the values if it’s put just beside the heart… Really annoying. So I have actually stopped to trust it and thinking about to get a zwave device instead. These 433 devices is too untrustable

The 433 MHz receiver don’t have a very good range today and often required for the sensors to be very close. However, this is not always the case. It happens that the device is put on some sort of blind-spot. Try changing the angle (rotating) to your Heart, it helped me get my neighbours outdoor temp-sensors :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise, I suggest you check with the support team at animushome.com/support also.