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Telldus magnetic switch

Anyone that have successfuly added telldus magnetic switch into heart?

nope, for me it did’t work. so i turned the back to the store and picked up some nexa.

but the z-wave version from telldus works flawlessy and i like them the most

I would say that z-wave works in a more stable way than 433mhz overall. So keep to those if you need stability. A door/window sensor feels like one where you want them to work flawlessly. We are several on the forum that depends mostly on 433 and have a good experience with them but the devices offen is not that trustable (in my case like 98 percent) and doesn’t seem to work for everyone. It’s also quite large differences between different devices/models in 433.

But of course, even my tradfri-lights fails sometimes and those are communicated through a hue-hub. If you need totally faultproof devices i would say that you need a device that’s made to be totally faultproof and that wouldn’t be a home automation system :grin:

Ok, thanks for the feedback :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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