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Telldus Pool/Spa Thermometer (433MHz) works

I’ve just successfully installed a thermometer in our pool.

I needed to select a different channel (1 is default on the device) and then I selected the “Telldus Temperature TSS320” when I added the device .

Pretty cool and the thermometer looks robust



That’s great! Thanks for sharing. There’s probably more people wondering about this one.

As @Vigge said, good find! :+1:

I have tested different channel and it does not find

Have you tried to keep it close to the :animusheart: when pairing?

Hmm… My Animus Findus the thermometer in the adding process. In this process I also see the temperature.
But once added and then in the device list, it wont return any values.

Am I not getting something here?
Have you who have been succesful encountered something similar?