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Telldus termometer ft007th

I have been using telldus live for a few years and have now switched to amnius. Everything has worked fine so far but I am missing tempratur log, with graph who showing it over time. Uses telldus ft007th (433mhz) and has some sucaround, they also control several heaters that have energy meters. I assume they have a place but I can’t find them?

Sverre Leistad

Hi there,

this feature is not implemented yet, looks like you alread found the matching topic :wink:

Why did you change from Telldus to Animus? Just curious.

Because I have IKEA trådfri and Phillips bulp, and I want One system not 2 system. And since them talk together so its bether. But I miss a cuple of things… But over all its bether I think so long.