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Animus Heart?

Telldus Z-wave Power Socket

Just purchased a Telldus z-wave power socket. Works great when you have just paired it. But after a while it gets the status “device is offline”. and u cant trigger it

If i restart the heart it works for a time, but the goes back do “device is offline”.

any suggestions?

I have had the same problem. My idea is that it has to do with activated security and the distance between the plug and Animus. I tried to disable security and it seem to work better now.

// Niklas

how do u change security?

it just says “none” on mine


Security “None” means you have no security. Ok, so then you have tried that. Another thing I noticed is that detection of the sensor from Animus may improve if you change the channel ID in the sensor and try to pair it again with Animus (of course you remove the sensor before trying)

// Niklas

Sometimes when adding new devices, they are not always properly paired, thus, the best solution often is to re-add the Z-Wave device with the recommended steps.
Make sure the device has been removed with exclude first, then keep it close to Animus Heart during the pairing process.