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Animus Heart?

Temp-sensors, which one to buy?

Hi everyone!

Is there any temp-sensors that works better than others? I have tried telldus (in, out, hydro) but that only works if it lays like 1 cm from the :heart:. Maybe i have a bad sample. What sensor do you guys and girls prefer?


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I have used the FIBARO Motion Sensor Z-Wave (https://www.fibaro.com/no/products/bevegelsessensor-motion-sensor/) which I like… although it does too much when I really would like more cheaper temp sensors.
It is also blinking whenever motion is detected, which people seem to find a little annyoing - I guess this can be disabled, but I have not checked it yet.
It also does not seem to be meant for outtdoor use, as it operates between 0 and 40 deg C.

I have tried telldus too, 433mhz, but the communication seems very poor - maybe like you have experienced.

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I have the same issue with telldus. Indoor unit is in the same room as my Heart. Temperature readings can come every 15 minutes or only once every second day. You never know. Also looking for an inexpensive temperature sensor.

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If you place the sensor just beside the heart i bet you will get good communication. And i really mean contact between them :smile:

Btw… Big welcome to you both @frodeatifs and @peder! :wave:

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I’m using that one also. It’s approximate 1 meter away from the :heart: and it works fine. The only thing I’ve seen is that the update interval isn’t as often as it should be, but that ought to be a software issue (guessing).

I have tested the sensor with a Telldus receiver and longer distances and it wasn’t any problems :slight_smile:

Could it be the same for you, that the update frequency isn’t often enough?

Generally I have best experience of Z-Wave sensors (use fibaro, Hank & Aeotec at home). I have also used a telldus temp sensor for a while, but since my Heart reached my neighbours sensors better, I removed that one completely. :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure if my neighbour has the telldus sensors, but it’s at least 433MHz :joy:.

How do you mean when you have tested with a Telldus receiver ?

I have a TellStick Net v2 , can i connect that one ?

Hi @Pierre and welcome, i think @robert means that he has also tried the sensor with an reciever from Telldus. Not added a telldus reciever to animus :wink::blush:
To my knowledge its not possible to add a Tellstick in the :heart:.

Im intrested in this aswell. I have 6 Oregon Scientific 433MHz temp/humid sensors from my old Telldus system that needs to be replaced since they are not supported by the Heart.

So I would love to get a z-wave/zigbee temp sensor instead.

Maybe we could see support for the Xiaomi Aqara sensor in the future?
Many users on other platforms seems to like that one and it has a pretty good price.

How is the support for the PHILIO TECH Temp/Humidity sensor?

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Hi @robban and welcome!
As i understand for now, the heart depends on the philips hue bridge to communicate through zigbee, this is why the system only supports zigbee-devices that are compatible with hue-bridge. I think that you will get a better deal with a z-wave device for now at least. I know there is a thread with philio sensor, but the user has not responded on if he got it going. It should work…

Edit: sorry, that was a multisensor that he had. But i cant see why it shouldn’t. Do you have any info around the philio sensors @Vigge ?

Hi @robban, have you tried adding the Oregon Scientific 433MHz temp sensors to :animusheart: via the installation guide of the Telldus temp sensors? If they share the same protocol, then they will be added even if they are not the same brand.

I haven’t tried the Philio temp/humidity sensors, but their PIR-sensor I have tested and it worked well back then (a few versions back). Nevertheless, the Z-Wave integration in the :animusheart: works with interviews. It asks the Z-Wave device what functions it has during pairing and this basically means, if Animus Heart supports the command-classes for temp & humidity, it will support all temp/humidity sensors that have a correct Z-Wave implementation. So, theoretically, the Philio sensor should work just fine :slight_smile:


Hi there.
I use the Philio temp/humidity sensor to controle a heating fan and a dehumidifier, works grate.
Have no range issues with the sensor.

Review in swedish.


I’ve tried this. I have 5 Oregon sensors but none of them are recognised by the heart when I try to pair them with the guide for the Telldus temp sensors. I’ve contacted the support in dec and april with a request to support Temp Sensors from Oregon or if there is way to pair them through the terminal interface, but no answer so far.


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Hm, okej interesting. Keeping the unit really close to Animus Heart and also having fresh batteries sometimes helps.
The support have probably noted your request but since there is no official support for Oregon, they maybe won’t prioritise that.

I have several Fibaro motion detectors. Does anyone know if it is possible to present temperature instead of on/off sensor when you place it as favourite at the Home tab?


@ohjelane For the moment it’s not possible to see the temperature on the homescreen. Hey @Vigge, have you heard something on this topic by the developers?

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I tried with different distances but with the same result.

Nothing new regarding this yet

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I’ve previously used it with a Telldus receiver, it is supported out of the box with the Animus Home unit so no need to use the Telldus device :slight_smile:

Has anyone used Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222 or Universal Sensor FGBS-001 with the DS18B20?

Does this work well with :animusheart: ?

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