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Animus Heart?

Temperature and humidity log

I’m looking for functions to log and watch historical data from temperature and humidity sensors. I can’t find how im supposed to do this.

I’m looking for something like this:

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Anders Hultsborn


My thought is that would be possible to make such a thing through the new API… But i would say that i need a walkthrough to get it done :joy:


Ok so logs are not developt yet?
Sounds like a missing peice in how to take the full advantage of the data that the sensors collect?

What i’m looking for is a way to se how temperatures and humidity has developed over longterm. The best way to do this would prabably be to visualize the data in form of graphs similar to the picture in the post above.


It’s not implemented right now at least, maybe @vato or @Vigge could give us a clue if it’s on it’s way? :slightly_smiling_face:


I have Telldus running in my summer house and they have this feature. Hope you can prioritize this feature


I too would like this feature. Maybe it could be an hAPP? I know there has been thoughts of having an hAPP World with plug-ins that does different things.

There is no graph reported in the nearest release. As you mentioned above, with the API one could create a simple graph on a website owned by themselves.

However, for learning purposes. What are people interested in when it comes to showing graphs? I have heard so many different things in this direction. I have thought to design something myself, but seems so hard to know what I really want to show in a graph without making it too messy. The screen above from @anders_garhamn was not too bad.

I have been asking for logging / graphing for months. I am using Domoticz at home, and Heart at my cabin. Through Domotics there is graphing as standard for all temperature/humidity sensors and I can easily see graph for “last 24 hours”, “last month”, “last year”.

I was once set out on a route where I could log temperatures and send it via email and through some 3rd party service (ZAPIER) that would interpret the email, pick up the temperature value and put it into i.e. a Google Sheets document… and THEN you could make a graph.

Very troublesome for something that I think should be supported by default.

Some suggestions:

Perhaps the easiest way for the user would be if animus heart could create 1 graph/log of each type of sensor data (Temperature/ humidity/ Electrical consumption - kwh).
Inside the log each sensor is represented with it´s own color and name.

Another way to implement graph function in a basic but with more flexibility way could be to let the user create the graphs he/she actaly wants/needs in the same way we already do with scenes.

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After this step the graph is created and in graph mode you can choose to se graph for “last 24 hours”, “last month”, “last year” as @peder was looking for and that shows in the example above (post 9).
The way the graph shows in post 1 would perhaps work best for the phone application?

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@anders_garhamn Very good suggestions! Feels well thought :+1:

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