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Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Everspring ST814

Hi, is there a way to get the temperature and humidity information shown for this device in Animus? Right now all I can see is the percentage for the battery, not so very useful.


I would suggest to add the device as a different device in the add-dialog to see if that fix the problem.

I would suggest you remove the device through the Package Controller first and then include it again through the automatic guide, but keep the device really close during the interview. Otherwise some packages might get lost during the adding process and you are left with only battery status. :battery:


I am sorry that I am reviving a fairly old thread, still, have anyone found a solution ?

I have tried more or less everything I could think of, it has been excluded and included more times than I care to remember.

I was hoping that the last Heart update would bring a solution to this issue, but after yet another one of those exclude/include sessions, the issue remains. All I can see is the battery percentage, and as previously mentioned that is not all that useful.

I have several Telldus Temperature/Humidity 433 sensors, and they work like a charm in all but one place, my coldframe. I need it in my “greenhouse” to regulate ventilation. And the only Z-Wzve product I found was the Everspring… So If anyone have the solution, I would be more then grateful if you could tell me how to get the ST814 to work.

interested. I got the same issue. There is nothing else than battery level. Now I have to manually stop and start the bathroom fan :frowning:

Progress is very slow… Still Progress…

Anyway, I gave this little sensor a go again today.
I did a factory reset and a new inclusion…

Now I get 5 possible values:

Temperature - Endpoint 1
Battery Level - Root Device
General Alarm - Root Device
Temperature - Endpoint 2
Temperature - Root device

I get it to send temperature and battery level when prompted with refresh.
However that temperature is presented under “Temperature - Endpoint 1”.

And it does not give me any humidity other than on the ST-814 itself…

It is furthermore not possible to send variable update via the app, one get a “could not save Config” message.

But now there is temperature, and not only batterylevel… That must count as progress after all ? :slight_smile:

Have anyone else had any luck with this little sensor ?