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Animus Heart?

Thanks for the update but

Please… don’t enable things not enabled in my settings while deploying an update!

By accident I just discovered that remote access was enabled after the update. Maybe not a big thing for most, but please keep to the privacy announced by Animus (which is why I bought the device) and let me decide when or if I want remote access or not turned on (or any other setting concerning privacy). Thank you.

Thanks for notifying us. This is of course not the intended behaviour and we will have a look at it. Could you also create a support ticket so that the support team can follow up and they might also need some more sensitive information from you.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


Thanks and Merry Christmas! Support ticket created, but as written elsewhere, I have not got any response on the other two open tickets I have since a while back now. Hopes up for this one! :animusheart: