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Animus Heart?

Thanks guys!

Hey guys! @vato and @Vigge Thanks for the update!
Both to the heart and app :slight_smile:
I like the snow and reindeer :smiley: and more importantly, my wife likes them as well. :joy:


Yes, the update worked great, thank you! :+1:
Couldn’t resist installing it via remote access from the office. :sunglasses:
Also it was not necessary to rebuild my devices, like it was with ACRE.
I never realized how much I missed the activity logs. :upside_down_face:

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Where would you find these?

There is a new tab for it when you open the notifications.

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Thanks! But what use are they without dates? My list has a lot of similar entries and in irregular order. I guess it confirms something has triggered tho, but when?
Merry Christmas! :santa:

Funny little egg from the developers @Exxpert :sweat_smile:
@anon94114147, adding date in activity - noted.

Merry Christmas to you all! :star::christmas_tree:
Thanks for a great year and for the warming support!


Also very useful for debugging automation’s is what triggered the event. In case you have scenes defined, or reused automation’s, it would be great to know where it was initiated. Thanks

This already seems to be implemented, this is an excerpt of my venitlation automation log, where “Lüften” is the name of the automation (and indeed it was helpful for debugging :wink:):


Or did I get you wrong?

Hm… I see your point. I probably read the list before without my glasses… :blush:
But there may be a gremlin here after all;
I can as you pointed out see what scene has been executed. But why do I get two identical entries that the automation has been fired?

I have no idea…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Maybe double check your automations and scenes again?

Thanks, I have tried already… One simple automation triggers one simple scene. Can’t be any simpler. Creating a suggestion for a more comprehensive Test feature…

Maybe take a look at the log output of the terminal when executing the automation?

If you have time delay within the scene or automation, it will create a new log entry.
Like: Light1 on, timer 30 s, Light1 on, will create two entry’s.


A bit weird, but thanks for the info! Is that by design or a bug? I’d say a bug since you already know what is running…

I’m not sure how it’s suposed to be used. I can see a debug feature in it but mostly I actually get confused when it looks like the automation had been triggered multiple twice, and then I remembered, aha, it was the dealy…

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I duly agree. It should IMHO for normal purposes not be repeated in the same automation/run.