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Animus Heart?

The "new" wifi power outlet switches

Do you think it will be possible to add compability with the new wifi controlled power outlets that seem to pop up on the market now?

Which wi-fi plugs do you mean more specifically? :slight_smile:

The TP-link power plug for example is also on Wi-Fi and already supported in :animusheart:.


My apologies, I hadn’t noticed that it already was one in the supported devices list.

I meant them all more in a general meaning, to understand if the part with a not specific communication protocol would work. So this is great :smile:


The 110 model isn’t properly supported as it doesn’t show the power consumption. Only On/Off is visible in Animus.

As a late response to “generic” devices, by @mrdgriffon.
I don’t think that there are any devices that has a generic protocoll. The fact that they all use wifi doesn’t mean the use the same protocoll (language) so each brand uses its own protocoll and must therefore be interpreted and added brand by brand to be supported by a controller like the Heart. So it’s quite a work to make that happen. The good thing about wifi is that it at least doesn’t require an new hardware so its “only” work and knowledge needed.

Sort of. The model 100 is just a power switch, but 110 also measures consumption. I was hoping that they used a vendor generic library (if that exists) that would enable features according to the device.

Yes, in this case one could assume that if they have support for one model it would be rather easy to just add functionality for an extended model from same vendor.