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Thinking about leaving home assistant


I have used home assistant for about 2 years now and are quite happy with it. The mainreason for me to thing about leaving is because of the need of Telldus lite v2 433 controller. It looses all my devices a couple of times every month and im tired of it.
I have quite a big number of devices both on 433 and Ikea lamps. I think I have about 20 lamps and about 20 Nexa switches and 2 Telldus temperature sensors. I also have 5 nexa door sensors, two Telldus movement detectors and a Nexa light sensor. Will all my devices work with the Animus? Another question is if it will have support for either Conbee or Ikea gateway? I need to know this stuff before considering buying it. Otherwise i might need to go with the Athom homey because of the device support.
I hope you can answer my questions :slight_smile:

Hi @Robban76 and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:
Well, every home-setup is quite unique and wall structure/home size can make the system work perfect for someone but have issues for someone else.

Some personal thoughts and experiences:
-I have my Heart connected with the LAN-cable to the wi-fi router, to make it a bit more stable.
-The range for 433MHz sensors have been, generally speaking, not very good. Even though I don’t have issues and are able to read my neighbours telldus-sensors. 433MHz switches on the other hand are no problem at all.
-I have more z-wave device than 433Mhz, but I think I have over 10 switches and sensors on 433.

When it comes to the Zigbee support, the IKEA Trådfri gateway is being released before Conbee, and it’s planned to be together with the new Acre release this fall.

Thanks for your answer. So the compatibility with Nexa and Telldus things are not an Issue with Heart then? Is there any showstoppers regarding flows and so on? Many of my automations in Home assistant uses sunrise, sunset, movement and device tracking and things like that. Will this work with Heart?

My Nexa and Telldus devices all work every evening with my sunset-automations. Still, I’m speaking from my own experience and I think it’s best to get opinions from more. E.g. I don’t use door-sensors on 433MHz, I have Z-Wave sensors for that.

A list of the functions in the Automations tool can be found here: https://animushome.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AHK/pages/845152304/Automations+-+the+home+automation+tool?src=search
Feels like you will be able to automate everything you already do. However, if by device tracking you mean presence detection, then you have to wait for the new update release I mentioned before.

Ok. Sounds good. The only thing stopping me from buing is the possibility to use my Ikea gateway though I already owns it and don´t want to buy another device as Hue Bridge for my Ikea lamps.
Is there any more release information other than this fall?

First information is often given by e-mail, then also here on the forum and some things usually on social media as well. If you follow these, you won’t miss it.

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