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Animus Heart?

Tibber anyone?

Have started to use Tibber for my electricity at home. As I read about integrations with Tibber they in their homepage etc that everytging should be connected via SmartThings.

Does anyone have integrations with Tibber from their Heart to be able to read out electricity usage, temperatures from sensors and so on?


Never heard of it before, but it sounds great, saving money while living in a sustainable way.
I just subscribed to the Tibber newsletter to be informed, when it is available in my country.
Also I think, that Animus and Tibber could be a really powerful alliance!


For you @Olsen or anyone else that wants to sign up you could use my redeem code if/when signing up. Enter 8055a531 as code and we both get 500 SEK to shop smart shit för. :grin::+1:


Alson Using Tibber. Any plans for integration?

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A tibber integration would be great!

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Same here. Im using Tibber and Animus. Great if they could be integrated.

AFAIK Tibber has an open dev-kit/API.

You can read more here:


Anyone looking in to this?

I also want this integration. Animus and Tibber would be so nice!

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