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Animus Heart?

Timed dimming

Hi fellow heart´rs

I´m new to Animus but not to smart homes.
Configuring the Heart, lovely thing by the way, and was wondering about a feature that would be neat.

In Automation section, think of a scenario where you would like to lit a window light when sunrise happends. The suggestion is adding a dimming feature, like making the lightbuld simulating sunset on sunrise, just like a wake-up light. Also reversing the process would be cool of course.


I have made a “analog” wakeup-light automation by setting a suitable delay between dimmer values. Not so neat but works flawless. And then you have the option to choose dimming-time by yourself. Wouldn’t want the windowlights to go all the way to 100% :wink:

Btw. Welcome to the forum!:wave:


Thank you!

Care to tell me how you did that? Sounds like a good solution. :slight_smile:

Of course! I have used the technique in this wakeup-automation.


Ah, brilliant!
Thank you so much, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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I found this post while searching for the exact same thing.
I had already made what’s suggested in the reply but would like to be able to do this by setting start dim% and end dim% and duration time.
Or at least a loop
while (dim% < 100) {
dim% = dim%+5
wait 5m

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