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Tips on making regular wall switches smart

I’ve just started making my home a little smart and at the moment all I do with it is control a few Hue lights. I’ve scheduled them with my Animus Heart, and that part works fine.

But as you know, the problem with smart light bulbs is that you can’t turn off the power. So I want to replace switches controlling Hue lights with “smart” switches. However, I want to keep the same physical buttons so that everything looks consistent.

I have found relays (e.g. the Fibaro Switch 2 https://www.animushome.com/en/partners/fibaro-single-double-switch-2) which is a good way of making dumb switches and dumb lights smart.

However, what I want is rather a smart wall switch (https://www.animushome.com/en/partners/the-z-wave-wall-switch), but without the front. If I want to make my regular wall switches transmit a signal, but not control anything directly, the only options I’ve found is to connect something like the Fibaro Switch, but not hook it up to actually control anything.

How have others solved this? What products would you recommend?

If you are in sweden you can always install something like this in your wall switch (don’t know if it’s available outside of the nordics)


I am also looking at controlling Hue lamps installed in my ceiling from my “normal” wall-switches (exxacct primo) on the wall (without turning the power to them off). @animus2 , Did you find a good solution to this?

Or is there anyone that has any suggestions on how to achieve this?

The an-179 is an excellent add-on for “dumb” lightbulbs, but not spot-on for a smart bulb like the hue I would say, as it normally is used to control the power to the lightbulb which sort of defeats the purpose of having intelligent bulbs. Or is there a different way to use the an-179 that I have missed?