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Animus Heart?

TP-Link HS110

After checking the Product compatibility list (see image below) i decided to purchase a TP-Link HS110 WiFi-socket with energy metering.

I was very surprised to discover that my device works only as a “on/off” switch, no energy metering after adding it to my :animusheart:??
Have I done something wrong in the setup? or is the statment i the list “Fully compatible” simply wrong?

I need help, since the idea with the purchase was to use the energy metering to trigger some automations

Only On/Off is supported of TP-link switch. Sorry for the error, the database is now updated.

We will have a look at the metering function however it doesn’t report events, Heart needs to poll the values which isn’t the preferred solution to use in automations.

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Thank you @vato for the quick response!

Can you recommend any device to use if I want :animusheart: to start a Scene when power consumption increases (eg. turning the TV on)?


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Most Z-wave device report power consumption. If you find a Z-wave power plug that you like then just look in their manual if it supports power metering/level, the Heart will automatically support if the device reports it when it’s running Z-wave.

This is the latest from Aeotec but it’s more expensiv

And a here is a cheaper one from Nexa

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Don’t want to be a spoilspot, but I own 4 of them and none is reporting load-changing reliably, they only do, when SS7 is turned on or off or after a scheduled time.

Also each of them tends to randomly toggle quickly off/on.
This happens very infrequent, so it’s hard to spot.

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Ok good to know. I haven’t tried them myself. Is it perhaps possible to re-configure them to report better for the needs mentioned by @Ard78?

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This reminded me to update this old topic. Here you can find what I tried.
@Ard78 needs are the same as mine, but as you may have read in my topic, there is no good advice to give.

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I have an Everspring AN158-2, it should report power metering, but it does not in Animus, just On/Off.

It seems like only changes in wattage are not being reported, Ampere and Volts work.

I have a Telldus slim plug with energy metering which seems to be doing the trick. According to my observations it sends measurements of voltage power and amperage whenever it detects a change in the load. Be careful if you want to use the websocket API to log power usage from these if you have frequently fluctuating loads because it will eat up your API quota in no-time like a school of hungry pirañas (as I recently bitterly discovered… :confounded: ).
Truth be told, I haven’t paid much attention to how this is reflected in the app. Maybe someone else with experience could confirm this?

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I looked it up on the Z-wave database which shows all certified products and the only Command Class it supports is the Basic, there is no power level or any other command class for this device. Everspring documentation says it supports it but it hasn’t been certified with that capability.

If you open the Animus Home app and go to Settings->Packages->Z-wave Package and scroll down to the list of nodes and press the “rebuild” button for your AN158-2. Keep it close to the Heart during this process so the interview isn’t interrupted. Do you get more functions for the device?

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I was able to get hands on one and it reported wattage as well, some configuration was required though. See my answer on your post Aeotec Smart Switch 7 not reporting anymore

Ok, strange. It has dimmer function also I forgot to mention. I did try to rebuild it, but it was the same after that. Well I can live with out having power metering, it works fine else.

The Z wave database, is that something thats online that anyone can read?

Yes, this is it https://products.z-wavealliance.org/