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Animus Heart?

Transparent backlog and release plan

Would be great with more transparency regarding your backlog (perhaps with a voting options to help you prioritise) and release plans for new feature. The Animus seems to be great HW, but it’s still lacking many SW features supported by other gateways, and I think it would increase the patience of the users if your plans were more transparent.


I totally agree. Winning back those who are impatient, but bought a Heart without realising some parts are still beta would be really good. People need to know the priority of different parts and a list to check off to see the progress more clearly.

I’m a patient person and I’m waiting to see what Thread/dotdot will do to products and home automation before investing too much. I bought the Heart already out of curiosity, and to support a promising product. Really like the design, the name and the philosophy of keeping things local.

For me, stability is first priority and something that is an challenge with every update I suppose, but I’m also voting for data visualisation, hAPPs and Bluetooth (to be able to connect to Xiaomi Mi Floras!) :slight_smile: