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Two name fields

I would like an opportunity to have two namespaces on my lamps and switches. The purpose of this is if you have a number of the same kind so you can put numbers and make in that field.
Today, for example, I have 4 IKea breakers and they are called Little Hall IKEA 2, Vakant 1 and so on.

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Do you mean some sort of grouping?

Yes maybe but at least the possibility of having an alternative name that is only visible under the properties of the lamp. What I mean is if you have several outlets that are of the same make as, for example, in the box o waiting for the Christmas lights marked with numbers type 1 - 5 so it is easier to keep track of them if you can in a field that only appears under the characteristics of the lamp write a 1 or ikea switch 1 etc.
Look at my examples and you will see how I mean. Maybe with a choice if you want to see it under the main page or at the edit of the lamp.