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Unable to get notifications to Android

Hello, I just started using Animus Heart. I’ve made a few automations that should send a notification when triggered. How ever I’m never getting the notifications.
I therefore made a virtual switch to test this function. For the switch I made an automation that should send meda notification when triggered, wait 10s and then turn the switch off.

This automation works, the switch gets turned off 10 seconds after I turn it on, but the notification never appears on my phone.

I have verified that I have the right phone assosiated to my user (member).
I have closed the app on the phone (I’m usin the web interface to trigger the automation).
I have turned off every power saving options on the phone, and verified that the Animus app is allowed to send notifications.

I’m accessing Animus remote while testing this, so my phone isn’t connectet to the local network. Is that an issue? It is necessary to receive notifications when not at home, so imo this should not be an issue…

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Have you checked the solution in this thread?
You should be sent notifications when your not home as well. I have a Huawei p30 pro with quite similar problem, but from my home alarm system :confused: I get mail and sms as well but doesn’t get push. Even tho it’s says it sends notification. Is it only you in the home or can you check with another phone?

Thanks for replying, I have checked the solution you refer to, but unfortunately it doesn’t apply to me. I only have one phone connected to the Heart, and I have verified that it has the right IP address. It’s the only phone I have available atm.

Because I can’t receive notifications from the Animus App, I figured out how I could send notifications to Telegram using Webhooks. If anyone else is interested in this walkaround you can read about it here.

After giving up getting behind this problem a while ago, I just now had a look again.
In my case it turned out to be really simple:

Having recurring presence issues I had to re-add my phone mutliple times.
Looking at an automation that was supposed to send notifications I found that simply my phone was unchecked here. :smirk:


Thanks @Olsen, “unfortunately” my phone is checked in every automation where I have notification. So this doesn’t solve my issue. Maybe it is an issue with my phone. Maybe it will work when I some day get a new one. But for now It works okay with Telegram.

I have a feeling it has something to do with the phone :confused: as said before, something is really wrong with my huawei. I wonder if they in their will to give the phone good battery life have shut down more than they should…