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Unable to log in and register a new device

Has 2 major problems.
It is not possible to log in from the outside, not even via a web browser.
2. Have bought an additional Animus and when I register it I do not receive a verification code. Also see that the “masked” email address is not mine. Do not understand anything right now …

Anyone have any tips?

I Solved the problem with the following actions

To be able to log in from the outside, I logged in via Wifi and turned off remote access and did this again. Then it worked.

As for the new device, I had to reset it to factory settings. How to do this can be found at https://youtu.be/WMY0kyBib8E
After the reset when I connected it, it was updated with the latest version and everything works.

In order for it to work with adding another device to the same account, remote access must works because that is where you get the email address where you send the verification code